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Clean and lightly till without furrowing out.
[ all row cleaners ]
Place fertilizer in soil, not on trash or planter.
Allow the seed disk to lift part of the sidewall and leave it less dense.
Close without surface compaction.
[ all spading-closing wheels ]
Level row and seal air pockets.

Five simple steps – one solid result.

These simple planter attachments are making it possible for more and more farmers to plant into higher levels of residue. Millions of acres are now planted this way each year and many of our customers are repeat buyers. Higher levels of mulch mean less erosion and more consistent and lower cost yields, all while the soil is rebuilding itself in preparation for supplying cheap food for generations to come.

I really like the ability to index nutrients relative to seed row and get those nutrients in the root zone instead of on top of the soil. The Martin UMO Fertilizer Opener allows me to do this without fertilizer splash all over the planter.

Andy Holzwarth
Wichita, Kansas

After seeing the difference in our Martin Floating Row Cleaners, I’ll never go back to a fixed style. You never have to worry about pushing too much dirt. It always leaves your row nice and clean.

Brad Frank
LaCrosse, Indiana

I have Martin Row Cleaner Fertilizer Combo units on both my 48- and 24- row planters. I’ve been running them for the past three years and been very pleased with the way they perform and their durability.

Allen Decker
Willington, Illinois

The Martin Floating Row Cleaners have been one of the best purchases I’ve ever made for my planter. I would be lost without them. Since we no-till we have a lot of residue to contend with and the Martin Floating Row Cleaner is the best in the business.

Glen Gudeman
Knots, Indiana

We’ve been using Martin Row Cleaners, Closing Wheels and Drag Chains since 1991 and the Martin-Till Planting System has changed the way we no-till. We recommend this system to anyone thinking of no-till planting.

Paul, Kevin & Ken Reed
Washington Co, Iowa

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