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Reduced Inner Diameter Gauge Tires

Step 3: Use Reduced Inner Diameter Gauge Tires to allow the seed disk to lift part of the sidewall and leave it less dense.

To reduce sidewall compaction to a minimum, JD style planters will need the gauge wheel tires changed to reduced inner diameter style to allow the seed trench walls to lift slightly. Because this style of gauge wheel tire is so friendly to the seed trench wall, we recommend them for 750 drills. This change allows us to return to the field a day or two sooner after each rain.

Keeton Seed Firmers My neighbor Eugene Keeton invented the finger pickup and brush meters. In 1993 he brought a handful of steel cables and duck tape to our farm to tie to the seed tubes on our old 8-row planter. My sons were not amused at the thought of something else that might cause a delay in planting since it was already May 25th and soil had not been dry enough to plant all spring. I put row cleaner wheels on the back of the planter to close the furrow and a little bit of planting history was made. It is possible to till the furrow walls with the seed firmly embedded in the "V" at the bottom of the trench, and that is what the Keeton Seed Firmer does.

RID-01 Tire

  • Reduced inner diameter gauge tire
  • Allows seed trench to lift and fracture
  • Fits existing John Deere, Kinze, and White rims
  • Two required per row

Note: Not for use with John Deere XP series units